Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is very joyful for me to address the Emmanuel family through the news-letter this month also. With Godgiven authority, Paul took on the challenge of bridging the diversity in the Church. He never took sides but focused on serving the Lord alone. Even today's Church we do have lots of differences in opinion and ideas. Differences need to be listened to and justified or explained appropriately. Such differences can be sorted out, only if we all have a common goal of following Christ. People who differ in thoughts and opinions often end up deviating from that common goal and fall victims to false preaching and creating splinter groups. They need to be brought back to the starting point of their faith and encouraged to have a brand-new beginning with Christ alone as the corner stone. Only Christ should matter, even in this age of technical innovation and excellence. Let our experiences in acknowledging that Jesus Christ be the final revelation; inspire people to stay focused on Christ alone. Let us therefore preach with authority the good news, glorifying Christ alone, without letting rituals and customs come in the way of God's truth. Let God demonstrate His power once we have done our part. It is important to know that while we are still sinners, only Christ died on the cross for us. In all the things, let Christ alone be glorified and no one else. People often look for miracles, captivating arguments and logic believing in the things that are seen. But it is important that we point them to the cross, where Christ was crucified. That is the miracle that demonstrates God's power and love. Therefore let us, as those called by God, take a humble stance in acknowledging that we were not called because we were wise, or strong. But God chose us, in spite of our foolishness to shame the wise and in spite of weakness to shame the strong. Let the fact that He chose “the despised things of the world” rule our heart, and help us be worthy of His high calling and allow God to take control of our lives and use it for His glory .а

Yours Loving,а


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