Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I wish a very happy and prosperous Easter to everyone. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through His death and resurrection has set a model for us to lead a new life and this new life we find in Christ and His resurrection. Easter is celebration of salvation. Easter is commemoration of salvation that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought to humanity. Resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of Christian faith and points to the hope that we have in Jesus Christ. Cross represents the suffering and resurrection represents the triumphal victory and life in Jesus Christ. The central message of Easter is ‘Christ is risen’. By dying Jesus destroyed death and by His resurrection Jesus restored life and brought salvation. Our enemies were nailed on the cross and we are set free from sin, death, sickness, from all that enslaves us.а

We are a people who celebrate this restoration of life. Salvation that the death of Christ has brought is once for all. So, we say boldly that we are children of God, redeemed and we are no more under bondage, we are set free. Christ saved us, and He is our salvation. Hence resurrection of Jesus Christ is indeed a celebration of salvation. According to Elisabeth Schussler Florenza “Resurrection does not simply spell the survival of the soul but requires the transformation of the world as we know It”.а

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us be thankful to God for sending His son Jesus Christ to redeem and set us free. Let us lead a life that is transformed and reframed after Christ’s mind, which transcended all barriers. Let us be enriched by being in the new community inaugurated in Christ, the risen Lord. Amen.а

Yours Loving,а



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