Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Christ we are free but it is solely one's individual decision to receive and walk in their freedom. The promise is already granted and children of covenant must act on the promises of God. One should not be passive and believe that just because God promised something to you; it will seek you out and ask to be received in your life. Now there are times God's sovereignty performs supernatural occurrences in one's life related to his promises. These wonders are miraculously revealed and appreciated, but in the cases God elects to operate differently. Children of covenant should be ready to activate their faith and seize what is rightfully theirs in Christ Jesus. Seizing the promises of God in our life includes: obedience, prayer, fasting, faith and reading God's word, being guided by the Holy Spirit, thankfulness, praise, waiting, trusting and more as outlined in scripture.

For example in scripture the promise was given to the widow of Zarephaththat she was liberated from hunger during the season of draught but she had to activate her faith and trust the Word of God in obedience by providing nourishment to Elijah the prophet. She did what God commanded and the Bible states that, “She and her household ate for many days.” (1 Kings 17:15) When God says we are free indeed, he means exactly what he says. We are liberated in Christ Jesus from old thinking habits, ways, attitudes and behaviors. Since you are in Christ, you are free and a new creation. You are additionally liberated from the world's systems and must walk freely in obedience to God's will, word and way. You are set apart and your light of liberation should shine in this dark world before others so that individuals give glory to God.

Yours loving


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