From Achen’s Desk 

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greeting to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   First, let me thank God for the opportunity afforded to me to become the minister of the Emmanuel CSI Church in Philadelphia.  Thank you, all God’s children, for your unconditional love and support.  A special thanks to everyone who came to receive us at the airport and all the families who were bringing us food each day.

May we come closer to God during this time of lent and praise God with a repentant heart.  Worship during the week of Lent is the most Joyous and hopeful worship for those who worship our living God. The message of the resurrection, rooted in evil and death, keeps us all in hope.

The last supper of the Lord, Cross, and Resurrection are the three things that fills Christian minds during the week of suffering.  We see in the open grave the purpose of the last supper, and the crucifixion.  All three lead us to the Ascension.  This paradise is our purpose in life.  There is no doubt that a miraculous change will take place in our social and personal lives when the risen Lord comes in.  May our loving God help us for that.

Jose Achen

 © Emmanuel CSI Church 2020